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Below are the open positions at Red Dog Renovations

We are interested in receiving resumes that address some or all of the points in these position descriptions.

Please send us a resume that shows your experience by using our contact page.


Red Dog Renovations Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant role and responsibilities:

  1. Working with daily vendor sales receipts, enter credit card charges and checks into the Red Dog Bookkeeping system in QuickBooks.
  2. Receive invoices from suppliers, and track and prepare payments to suppliers, vendors, and creditors.
  3. Working from labor time records, material receipts, bids and/or proposals, prepare and mail invoices to customers.
  4. Receive and prepare customer payments and other receivables for deposit.
  5. Set up new customers, new jobs in QuickBooks. Maintain a customer mailing list.
  6. Working from time sheet records from Red Dog Remodel Technicians, record daily labor hours expended against customer jobs in QuickBooks.
  7. Prepare the biweekly payroll, including pay computation, federal withholding, and all other payroll liabilities. Issue and distribute checks.
  8. Prepare and file all city, state and local taxes and license fees, including Departments of Revenue (sales tax), Labor and Industries, Employment Security, Secretary of State.
  9. Reconcile checking and charge accounts from bank statements at least monthly.
  10. Maintain Red Dog Renovations websites (WordPress and FaceBook). Make periodic updates of photos, blog entries. Monitor email traffic to ensure timely response to customer contact requests.
  11. Assist in preparing bids and proposals by researching material prices, composing proposals, maintaining standard Terms and Conditions, and printing, mailing and emailing proposals after owner approval.
  12. Manage on-line marketing with Google and other marketing vendors
  13. Prepare and mail customer marketing mailings (approx 1-2 month intervals) (postcards, fliers, brochures)
  14. Liaison with CPA as required to prepare company federal tax returns, financial documents, and various audit responses.


Red Dog Renovations Lead Remodeling Technician

Duties and Tasks:

  1. Use a variety of hand tools and power tools to complete residential remodeling projects involving (but not limited to) the following trades: interior and exterior rough and finish carpentry; installing sheetrock, tape and joint compound; tiling and grouting; painting; various repairs and handyman projects; and installations of windows, doors, cabinets, fixtures and appliances.
  2. Perform physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials.
  3. Follow established safety rules and regulations and maintain a safe and clean work environment.
  4. Maintain current knowledge of laws, building codes, and government regulations.
  5. Protect existing non-work areas of homes and structures from damage by using tarps and other protective coverings, screens, temporary walls and sheeting, as well as by following protective work procedures that minimize possibility of accidental damage to the structure and home owner’s belongings.
  6. Erect scaffolding and ladders for assembling or removing structures above ground level.
  7. Remove or demolish damaged or defective parts or sections of structures.
  8. Properly follow procedures and regulations concerning handling of hazardous materials.
  9. Study specifications in documents, blueprints, sketches or building plans to prepare project plans and determine materials required.
  10. Prepare cost estimates for customers and supervisors.
  11. Schedule crew, equipment, materials, and tools as required to achieve best possible efficiencies.
  12. Select and order lumber and other required materials.
  13. Build, repair and install cabinets, doors, walls, floors, roofs and other wooden fixtures used in buildings, using hand tools, power tools, and specialized equipment.
  14. Perform minor plumbing, welding, soldering, and/or concrete mixing work.
  15. Arrange for subcontractors to provide heating, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical wiring work.
  16. Maintain records, document actions, and present written progress reports to home owners and supervisors, providing information to supervisors, co-workers, subordinates, subcontractors and customers by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person.

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